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> Your specifications of sizes and styles are subject to the kind of fabric and design limitations, which might not be practically possible. In such cases you will be intimated to select some other style compatible with the fabric.

> In case we find any measurements incorrect or confusing, we will email you for clarification. Please note that if you do not get back to us immediately with the clarifications, it might result in a delay to ship your order.

> The email id you mention on the measurement form SHOULD MATCH the email id you have used at our website, www.natashacouture.com to make the purchase.

> Please note that any specification for stitching has to be given in the Instructions section only. Any specifications given in email/chats/phone conversations etc, cannot be entertained. We won't be responsible for any incorrect measurements.

> We will also email you a copy of your measurement form for your reference.

> In case you have any queries, please reach us at customercare@natashacouture.com


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